Reminder: Profile CCT Plugin Removal Friday December 2nd 2022

This coming Friday – December 2nd 2022 – the Profile CCT plugin will be removed from UBC CMS.

In July on this site we wrote that the Profile CCT Plugin will be removed from UBC CMS due to it being incompatible with the most recent versions of the underlying language that the platform uses (PHP) which we need to transition to as security updates will be no longer published to older versions of PHP.

We also placed large, unmissable banners in dashboards of websites that use the profile CCT plugin, we delivered 11 workshops to over 100 people, wrote documentation with several different options available to you, and sent numerous emails to any and all mailing lists that we are aware of.

If you have yet to move your profiles to posts on your site, please do so over the coming few days. You will not have access to the “Profiles” menu on your site — and any data therein — after Friday this week.

When you have finished migrating your profiles to posts, and handled the archive pages (the pages which show a collection of your users rather than just a single profile, explained in the documentation), please manually deactivate the Profile CCT plugin from the Plugins menu on your site. We will be force deactivating the plugin on all sites on Friday.

If, from the dashboard of your website, you do not see a “Profiles” menu then you are not using this plugin and you will be unaffected by this change.