WordPress 4.9.8

WordPress has been updated to version 4.9.8 a security and maintenance release.

WordPress 4.9.7

WordPress has been updated to version 4.9.7 a security and maintenance release.

Plugin WP-reCAPTCHA discontinued

Recently Google discontinued reCAPTCHA v1(see more here.) and the only plugin on CMS for reCAPTCHA never updated to reflect this change. So in walks our simple plugin replacement aptly named Simple Google reCAPTCHA. The plugin only requires that you sign up for reCAPTCHA and follow the steps to acquire a site key and secret key […]

WordPress 4.1 update

The update to WordPress 4.1 has brought some minor issues to users who are trying to login into WordPress via site-name/wp-admin or site-name/wp-login.php along with some other known issues with SSL, and password protected pages. To help avoiding some common problems please follow these instructions: Please clear all cookies and cache. Please log in at […]

Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP)

People have been requesting this for some time, so introducing an all new plugin coming from the good people of NextScripts. Read here to find out more.

New Social Media Icons added

Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr have been added to the Collab theme, theme options.

Iso Shortcode Added

The Iso Shortcode has been released for all to use.

Loop and Iso Shortcode Updated

The update inhibits an infinite loop from occurring.