CMS Infrastructure Upgrade Dec. 10th 2016

Update: These infrastructure changes have now been completed.

In the early hours of December 10th 2016, the infrastructure for UBC CMS will be upgraded. While the vast majority of sites will be unaffected, CMS will be in read-only mode until noon, so website updates won’t be possible during this time.

However, if you run a domain-mapped website that does not point to a domain then you are required to make a change to your domain to ensure ongoing functionality of your website. If you are an administrator of a non-ubc domain-mapped website, you should have received an email from the UBC CMS team. If that is not the case, please get in touch with your name, cwl and the URL of the site for which you administrate that will be affected.

We will be sending 2 further emails to administrators of sites who will be affected over the next week with further information.