What is and isn’t included in the CMS service at UBC.

Scope of Services

What’s included

  • Fully CLF-compliant website, implemented in WordPress
  • On-campus hosting infrastructure for your website (with centrally supported backup and upgrades)
  • On-going access to the latest version of the UBC CLF WordPress Theme
  • An initial website set up with the top-level pages/sections of your site structure
  • Access to on-going help clinics
  • Online documentation and support materials
  • SSL Certificates (automatic service after domain mapping put in place)

What’s not included

  • Full content migration (we’ll set up the initial sections, but the rest is in your hands)
  • Custom design beyond what’s available within the existing UBC CLF WordPress Theme
  • Web content maintenance and updates
  • User management after website setup
  • Individual content backups. We have nightly backups of the entire platform but they are for catastrophic loss. Please ensure you take backups of your content using tools > export, or ensure the revision history of posts and pages works for your needs.

Important Notice

When using CMS, do not store/collect any sensitive information. Sensitive information includes student numbers, CWL information, and private personal information. Furthermore, please don’t use CMS for mission-critical information; even though we keep database backups, data loss still might occur.