CMS Showcase: Examples of the accessible, usable websites from across UBC

We’ve curated a short list of websites that are hosted on UBC CMS which showcase the broad variety of ways in which different faculties and departments are using the platform all of which use faculty/department-unique styling all while still conforming to the CLF.

Please Note: This showcase is a work in progress. If you have a site on CMS you would like shown here, please get in touch.

UBC Vancouver Faculty of Medicine’s MedNet

MedNet delivers updates and resources for faculty and staff at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. In late 2022 it underwent a large overhaul moving onto CMS and heavily using custom block patterns and styles within Gutenberg.

UBC Communications

The UBC Communications portfolio has a diverse range of skills, including strategic communications, brand and marketing, media relations, internal communications, marketing research, social media, photography, design solutions and web usability and development.

Plugins: Gutenberg, Gravity Forms, Custom CSS, Whitney Font

Theme: UBC CLF 7

A mockup of an Apple Macbook Pro laptop showing the UDL Hub website on the screen.


The UDL Hub is a website where faculty and staff can find resources and support for developing accessible content. It was built in 2023 using Gutenberg Blocks and Custom CSS.

A screenshot of the full page of the accessibility corner page on the UDL Website. It is mostly text with some boxed content with icons.
A cropped screenshot of the document design page on the UDL Hub website. It is mostly text with a bulleted list with a title of 'accessible layouts' where the bullet points are ticks to suggest the type of layout can be considered accessible
A cropped screenshot of the About UDL page on the UDL Hub website. It is mostly text with the addition of a series of FAQs which are accordions. Each question has a plus icon next to it to suggest when clicked, the answer will be shown
A screenshot of the Images and Data Visualization page of the UDL Hub website is mostly text. Towards the lower half of the screen is a 2-column layout with headings Tables and Lists, Charts and Graphs, and Data Visualizations.

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UBC’s Common Look and Feel

The accessible, performant CLF WordPress theme is enabled by default on all sites on CMS and is updated by the CTLT team ensuring your sites are always on brand.

CMS Support

Timely and no-cost support is provided via ServiceNow tickets by CTLT and is available to all faculties and units. First-tier support may be provided by individual faculty support units.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin which allows you to capture information from your site’s visitors, send notifications and emails on submission, and automatically create fresh user-generated content on your site. Gravity Forms is available on all sites on CMS.

Events Integration

The UBC Event Block – developed by CTLT – allows you to display your unit’s events that are published on the main UBC Events site. You can choose a calendar or list view, as well as be specific about which events to show.

Content Visibility

The Content Visibility suite of plugins allows you to decide when, where, and to whom your content is shown. For example, you may only want to show some content for those signed in to your site, or perhaps only between certain dates and time; or both!