Find out how to get support for your UBC CMS Website

We offer multiple ways for you to get help from us and several ways in which you can help yourself. From FAQs, to help documentation, right through to screencasts, and one-on-one help clinics we try to get you the help you need in the way that helps you the most.

Help Documentation

We have extensive help documentation that covers all common tasks on CMS.

1-on-1 Support Clinic

Weekly drop-in clinics help on zoom to answer any questions you have about CMS or Blogs.

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Who provides help for my CMS site?

We have a layered support approach. If your department has a support team, they are going to be the best people to speak to first. You likely already have a relationship with them and they will have the full context about your site and its content.

If you don’t have a support team, or you do and they are unable to help with your specific request, then we – the UBC CMS team – step in. We’re a small team within the Teaching and Learning Technologies group at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. We ask that you give us up to 3 business days to reply, but we’re often much quicker than that. For support tickets we’re sometimes supported by the fantastic LT Hub team.

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answers to common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my website go live with my custom URL?

This process is called domain mapping and the answer depends on whether your custom URL is a new one you have registered or is being used elsewhere. We have full documentation on how to put your website live.

How much space do I get on my website?

By default all sites come with 500 megabytes of space for uploaded media such as images, PDFs, and Microsoft Word/Powerpoint documents. However, you can request additional space at no extra charge through a support request to the LT Hub.

Can I use a different theme other than the CLF?

Every site on UBC CMS uses the Central Brand and Marketing (CBM) designed common look and feel (CLF) theme unless the CBM team has granted an exception.

Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis and can be obtained by contacting the CBM team.

How do I use the new content editor Gutenberg?

You can switch editors from the dashboard of your website. Visit Settings > Writing and scroll to the bottom where you will see checkboxes where you would like to enable (or disable) Gutenberg.

On all CMS websites created after November 2019 the Gutenberg (or Block Editor) is enabled by default.

How do I request a new website on CMS?

You can fill out the Make a Website Request form. That form is either sent to your Faculty or Department’s IT Service Team or directly to us.

Don’t Have a CMS Site Yet?

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