We use the CMS Blog to share platform-level updates, new features, and answers to common support requests

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The CMS Blog is split up into 2 sections. There’s the General Updates section – below this description – and the WordPress Core Updates section. The WordPress Core Updates section (below the general section on small screens, or over there on the right hand side on larger screens) lists the posts made whenever we update WordPress on CMS. The General Updates section lists the other posts we make such as those to do with specific pieces of functionality, plugin changes, maintenance announcements, and general notices.

General Updates

The most recent updates that we have made to UBC CMS (that aren’t WordPress Core Updates). We’ll post about upcoming features, new documentation, meetings, events, workshops, and much more. You can follow the CMS Blog RSS Feed Firehose to get all of our updates.

WordPress Core Updates

The most recent updates specific to do with WordPress core on CMS. We tag posts with ‘Core’ should you wish to follow the RSS Feed specific to WP Core Updates.