WordPress Meetings are Back!

After a long hiatus, we are looking to re-initiate the WordPress discussion and meetings.
Previously, we had an engaged CMS user group that has achieved a lot in terms of road-mapping and development of UBC CMS. We are hoping to build on that, and also to expand the scope to include other WordPress instances, based of CTLT or other Faculties or units.

For the first meeting, we’d love to discuss the points of reference for the future work. Here are some ideas, please feel free to comment or add more:
• CTLT’s overview of WP instances in its portfolio – where we are at
• UBC web publishing and web applications for teaching and learning and other needs- view from Faculties and central departments and WP’s potential to address these needs
• Operation and support: given state; where and how to improve
• Road-mapping and development
• Communication channels

We will likely need to follow up with the more technical meeting as we might run of time to discuss the pressing challenges (Profile plugin) as well as the exciting opportunities (Gutenberg editor).

Date, Time and Venue

We are hoping to have our next meeting at 10am, on Thursday, February 21st 2019 (subject to change, based on your feedback).
We don’t have a venue yet – please RSVP, we need a headcount to secure the appropriate room! (If you think that there is an available room in your unit to accommodate 30+ people, please let us know).

Apologies to some of you who may be receiving this more than once and please spread the word to those who you think might be interested.