CMS Support

Getting Help

Besides the CMS Manual (which you are reading right now!) how else can you get help for your websites on UBC CMS?

In writing

We provide several ways for you to get in touch if you prefer to be helped in writing.

Is there an email address I can contact for support?

Yes. Emails that are sent to that reference UBC CMS will automatically generate a support ticket. The ticket will be placed in our queue. We will get back to you within 3 business days (often sooner).

I have a complex support request, is there a form I can fill in?

There sure is, thank you for asking. You can submit a support request here.

I use ServiceNow, can I generate a ticket and assign it to your group?

We use ServiceNow too. If your request is about a site on UBC CMS, then please use ‘Learning Services’ for the service, ‘UBC CMS’ for the offering, ‘UBC CMS’ for the configuration item, and place it in the ‘LT – WordPress’ assignment group. As the body of the request please include the URL of the site for which you are asking for support.

Is there a Slack or Teams option?

We don’t offer direct support through Slack or Teams however as of June 2023 we now have a by-invite Microsoft Teams team where we have a growing community of users across UBC. We post in there when we have news, and as this is a port of an old Slack Team, if that is anything to go by, folks will ask questions in there and they can be answered by any member of the team.

I don’t have a site yet, I’d like to request a new one

We have a form just for that: the website request form.


We also have face-to-face help too. Here’s some questions we get asked about that…

Can I speak to someone directly to get helped ‘live’

Yes. We offer weekly drop-in help clinics. They are run every Thursday from 1pm until 3pm and are (since the COVID-19 pandemic) now held on Zoom. You can view the upcoming events (and register for them) on the CTLT Events Website. As they are drop-in, you can come at any time during the 2-hour window to ask your questions.

Do you offer workshops?

Not at this time. We are planning an advanced Gutenberg Workshop so if you are interested in that, please let us know.

Can we meet in-person for support?

Whilst we no-longer offer in-person clinics (they are now held on zoom as noted above), members of our team are generally on campus on a Monday and/or Tuesday. If you wish to discuss something in person, we have several bookable rooms at the University Services Building (we’re the CMS team is situated).

Have some other questions?

You have a couple options. Below here you’ll find several more FAQs and support documents. And if those don’t help, then you can submit a support request.