No more Automatic <p></p> Tags

New plugin allows the removal of the annoying automatic p tags that WordPress wraps around the content.
The paragraph tags are added by WordPress through the use of a filter to the wpautop function inside one of the core WordPress files. WordPress adds the paragraph tags after retrieval of the content from the SQL database.


Here is an excerpt from the plugin’s FAQ:

How do I turn off automatic formatting for a post?
Add a custom field called wpautop to any post. When set to false, no or off, WordPress will no longer attempt to add tags to your posts (so you’ll be responsible for adding these yourself).

How do I turn on automatic formatting for a post?
You can set the field’s value to true, yes or on if you do want WordPress to use its wpautop filter to add tags for you. (Of course, this only makes sense if you’ve globally disabled wpautop in the included option screen.)