Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA Plugin Updates

Update: GravityForms and the GravityForms reCAPTCHA add-ons have been updated.

If you see a warning that your database is out of date, please visit Forms > System Status and then click the link to manually update the database.

On Wednesday 2nd March 2022 we will be updating the Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA plugins. Update: Delayed until Wednesday 9th March.

This will introduce a new, more accessible interface to the main plugin, and also add the ability to use version 3 reCAPTCHA keys with your forms. We do not anticipate any downtime or issues with your forms, neither do we expect data loss. However, should you feel it necessary, please back up your forms and entries by visiting Forms > Import/Export from the dashboard of your site.