Filtering results for WP Query Loop Block

UBC CTLT release 3 new plugins for the WordPress Query Loop Block to provide filtering capability.

Filtering results for WP Query Loop Block

One of the most powerful features of the new Gutenberg editor is the Query Loop Block. It allows you to query the database of content on your site and output the results of that query in a customizable way. UBC folks have been using the Query Loop Block for a whole manner of reasons including a ‘related posts’ style where the block can show other posts in the same category as the one being shown, or listing their student, faculty, or staff profiles on their websites.

A frequently requested feature by our users is the ability to filter results within the Query Loop block, aiming for more precise outcomes without the hassle of navigating to different pages. We’re excited to announce that this is now achievable on UBC CMS through the new plugins we’ve recently developed.

  1. Taxonomy Filter
  2. Custom Field Filter
  3. Search Filter

Thanks to the recent release of the WP Interactivity API, the new plugins seamlessly integrate with the Query Loop block. Users can now effortlessly filter results based on categories, tags, custom fields, or keywords search.

All three plugins are now publicly available on UBC CMS. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at Additionally, you can register for one of our WordPress clinics at for further assistance.

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