WordPress environments updated to version 4.8.3

UBC CMS, UBC Blogs and other WordPress environments managed by CTLT have been updated to WordPress version 4.8.3.

UBC CMS Updated to WordPress 4.8.1

The UBC CMS WordPress platform has been updated to WordPress version 4.8.1.

The Events Calendar plugin menu issue

There is a known issue with The Events Calendar plugin which may cause the main menu on a site to have the href attributes removed for all links when a visitor is looking at a single event. This means that the main menu on a site using The Events Calendar plugin is no longer functional. […]

Redirection plugin on UBC CMS

The redirection plugin has been available on CMS for several years. It is widely used and offers an important piece of functionality for many sites. Due to the scale of UBC CMS and the way in which the plugin is written, Redirection is no longer suitable or sustainable. As of this morning we have prevented […]

CMS Updated to WP 4.7.3

WordPress has been updated to version 4.7.3 for the UBC CMS platform.

UBC CMS Updated to WordPress 4.7.2

WordPress on the UBC CMS platform has been updated to version 4.7.2.

UBC CMS Updated to WP 4.7.1

The UBC CMS platform was updated to version 4.7.1 within minutes of its public release on Wednesday. For further details about this version, please read the official announcement.

CMS Infrastructure Upgrade Dec. 10th 2016

Update: These infrastructure changes have now been completed. In the early hours of December 10th 2016, the infrastructure for UBC CMS will be upgraded. While the vast majority of sites will be unaffected, CMS will be in read-only mode until noon, so website updates won’t be possible during this time. However, if you run a […]

Resolved: Sept. 7th ’16 Log In Issues

This outage is now resolved. Currently, users are unable to sign in to UBC CMS (and other platforms using the CAS authentication system at UBC). It is being investigated and we will post more information as we know it.

CMS Updated to WordPress 4.6.1

This morning, the core WordPress team released version 4.6.1. As this is a security and maintenance release, the CMS team decided to push through this update as soon as possible. The staging and production environments have been updated. For further information, check out the WordPress 4.6.1 release post.