Filtering results for WP Query Loop Block

UBC CTLT release 3 new plugins for the WordPress Query Loop Block to provide filtering capability.

Automatic application of Google reCAPTCHA keys on CMS sites with gravity forms

All sites that use gravity forms on CMS will now automatically have google reCAPTCHA keys installed. We still encourage you to register and add your own.

Plugin WP-reCAPTCHA discontinued

Recently Google discontinued reCAPTCHA v1(see more here.) and the only plugin on CMS for reCAPTCHA never updated to reflect this change. So in walks our simple plugin replacement aptly named Simple Google reCAPTCHA. The plugin only requires that you sign up for reCAPTCHA and follow the steps to acquire a site key and secret key […]

The Events Calendar plugin menu issue

There is a known issue with The Events Calendar plugin which may cause the main menu on a site to have the href attributes removed for all links when a visitor is looking at a single event. This means that the main menu on a site using The Events Calendar plugin is no longer functional. […]